Metals and Metalworking

Exercise 1.Translate the words with prefix non- having negative meaning.


Nonatomic, noncontrolled, nonmilitary, nonnuclear, nonstandard, nonturbulent


Note: some words with prefix non- are hyphenated:

Conductor — (проводник теплоты, электричества); non-conductor (непроводник)

essential — (существенный); non-essential (несущественный)

ferrous — (содержащий железо, черный о металле); non-ferrous (не содержащий железо; цветной)


Exercise 2. Translate the following words and define their parts of speech (noun, adjective, and verb).

Deep, darkness, wide, width, broaden, depth, long, height, weakness, darken, high, strengthen, broad, deepen, weak, length, widen; breadth strong, lengthen, heighten, strength, short, weaken, shortness, dark, shorten.


Exercise 3.Match the words and expressions on the left with those on the right.

1) to divide a) станки

2) ferrous metals b) свойства, качества

3) non-ferrous metals c) черные металлы

4) alloys d) плавкий

5) machine tools e) по характерному металлическому блеску

6) machinery f) относиться

7) to include g) цветные металлы

8) to refer tо h) машины

9) properties i) включать

10) by their specific metallic lustre j) сплавы (металлов)

11) fusible k) делить, разделять(ся)


Exercise 4.Learn the metals and match them with the explanations below. Translate the sentences. If necessary look at the Vocabulary.


Iron (Fe), copper (Cu), aluminium (Al), tin (Sn), lead (Pb), zink (Zn), mercury (Hg)


1) Is of reddish colour and has corrosion resistant qualities. Also is the best conductor of electricity.

2) A silvery metal which is not corroded by air. It is used for making tin plate.

3) A very expensive metal. A grey malleable metal used for roofing and battery plates, pipes.

4) Its color is yellow when hot and white when cold. It is used for making dry batteries.

5) Malleable ductile silvery-white metal. It is widely used for structural and engineering purposes.

6) The best known light metal. It does not rust in the air. It is soft and that is why it is used only when alloyed with other metals.

7) A heavy silvery-white toxic liquid metal used in thermometers, barometers, etc.


Exercise 5. Read the text and see if there are any facts about metals you did not know before.