History of Engineering

Exercise 1.Practice pronunciation of the following words and remember them. The stressed part is in bold type.

Engineering, invention, pulley, wheel, civil, mechanical, engine, discipline, electricity, industrial, revolution, vacuum, accelerate, specialized, chemical, weight, energy, torque, construction, further, development, design.

Exercise 2.Read and translate the following international words.

Mathematical, technical, principle, modern engineering, constructor, material, electric motor, experiment, positive, negative, vacuum, elements, process, computer engineer, atomic.


Exercise 3.Fill in the comparative and superlative form of each adjective and adverb as in the example.

Example: ancient - more ancient - the most ancient

1) modern

2) useful

3) old

4) late

5) far

6) rapid

7) famous

8) well, good

9) successful

10) much


Exercise 4.Match the terms with the definitions below:

Electric motor bridge vacuum tube invention search engine


1) service on the internet enabling users to search for items of interest.

2) a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical torque.

3) electron tube containing a cathode, anode, and, usually, one or more additional control electrodes.

4) a structure that gives a passage over a road, railway, river, etc.

5) the discovery or production of some new or improved process or machine


Try to explain one of the terms from exercise 1, 2 and ask your group mates to guess it.


Exercise 5.Match the words and expressions on the left with those on the right.

1) maintenance tools a) быстрый рост

2) military projects b) за границей

3) date back c) прибор, устройство

4) specialized machines d) строения невоенного назначения

5) rapid growth e) массовое производство

6) civilian structures f) специализированный станок

7) mass production g) область, сфера

8) field h) военный проект

9) abroad i) датироваться

10) device j) эксплуатационный инструмент


Exercise 5.Read the text and tell what inventions were made in different fields of Engineering.