II. Выберите глагол-сказуемое.


1. The judicial branch … case law through its decisions.


a) create b) creates c) is created d) are created

2. That law … the requirements of society.


a) didn't meet b) not met c) don’t meet d) wasn’t met

3. Jurisdiction … by statutes and constitutions.

a) are defined b) defines c) define d) is defined

4. Legal systems usually … codes of behaviour for the police.

a) has b) is c) are d) have

5. Yesterday she … £100 for driving without insurance.

a) is fined b) was fined c) fines d) fine

6. The changes in taxation … the well-being of the people.

a) will influence c) will be influenced

b) shall influence d) will influenced

7. There … several kinds of punishments available to the courts.

a) has b) are c) is d) have

III. Найдите предложения, в которых нет грамматической ошибки. Исправьте ошибки в остальных предложениях.


1. Nothing was decided on his guilt.

2. Is there any news from the soldiers?

3. He was the most fine lawyer of his generation.

4. Judges are paid salary with the state.

5. Did they have to rewrite the report?

6. If you will do something illegal, you will get into trouble.

7. The police prefer to prevent crime before it happens.

IV. Составьте предложения из данных слов:


1) one, there, and, questions, many, are, answer.

2) new, be, when, enacted, will, law, the?

3) not, legislation, law-makers, interpret, do.

4) his, he, order, do, what, protect, in, does, property, to?

5) rules, applied, when, these, were?

6) to, laws, much, change, than, constitution, is, other, more, it, the,


V. Заполните пропуск словом, образованным от слова в правой колонке.

1. Great Britain is a … monarchy. constitution
2. The … election in the UK takes place every five years.   parliament
3. The document was returned after close … . consider
4. There are often … in enacted law in England and Scotland.   differ
5. The … for the job has a degree in law. apply
6. The … of this case will be postponed. hear      

VI. Выберите подходящее по смыслу пропущенное слово.


1. English judges … the decisions of previous cases to new cases.
a) administer b) apply c) adopt d) agree  
2. On the continent scholars played a central role in the law's … .
a) development b) interpretation c) enactment d) consideration  
3. Modern European law is … from Roman law.
a) supplemented b) spread c) codified d) derived  
4. Law courts follow … when they try similar cases.
a) codes b) precedents c) statutes d) traditions  
5. … supplements common law when this is necessary.
a) Custom b) Precedent c) Equity d) Behaviour