News – новости


D) Только во множественном числе:

Goods – товары

Clothes – одежда

Riches – богатство

Thanks – благодарность

Manners – манеры

Money – деньги

E) Только во множественном числе употребляются названия предметов, состоящих из двух и более частей:

Trousers – брюки

Glasses – очки

Shorts – шорты

Pliers – плоскогубцы


Give the plural of the following nouns.

Kettle, bath, telephone, deed, built-in wardrobe, tree, butterfly, match, bus, glove, pie, fox, ski, taxi, bush, toe, life, photo, piano, roof, knife, study, tomato, thief, leaf, baby, fire-place, hoof, mother-in-law, storey, passed-by, ox, eye, advice, knowledge, step-mother, parent-in law.


Change into the plural.

1. The sheep is eating grass.

2. There is a potato on the plate.

3. The postman is always very busy.

4. This is lovely city.

5. The worker’s family is at home.

6. My sister has long hair.

7. Who is this woman?

8. This piano is of the latest model.

9. This baby’s toy is here.

10. His son-in-law is sitting here.

11. The key is one of the shelf.

12. Her brother-in-law is an engineer.