Text 5. A letter to Steve

I. Read and translate the letter.

Hi, Steve,

Thanks for everything, and especially for the most enjoyable news – about your visit to Moscow in summer. Isn’t it wonderful! I am going to take part in this conference, too. My report is connected with the legal aspect of the work of young volunteers abroad. But all my thoughts are about our meeting ahead. I’ve started thinking of what I’ll show and say to you. Maybe, we'll be able to spend a few hours in my native city. There are express trains now that make a trip to Nizhny much shorter than it used to be. It's a matter of a few hours, indeed. I am sure our meeting will be the most remarkable event of the coming summer vacations.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Much love,


II. Find in the text of the letter English equivalents to the following Russian words and word combinations.

1. самая хорошая новость 2. Просто замечательно! 3. принять участие в конференции 4. правовой аспект чего-л. 5. доброволец, волонтёр 6. предстоящая встреча 7. всего несколько часов 8. в самом деле 9. замечательный 10. предстоящие летние каникулы


III. Answer the following questions.

1. What bit of news from Steve did Alex enjoy most of all?

2. Has he heard about the conference Steve is going to participate in?

3. Is Alex going to take part in the conference?

4. What is the theme of his report?

5. What is Alex thinking about?

6. What are his plans for their forthcoming meeting?

7. Why does Alex think it is possible to take Steve to Nizhny Novgorod during his stay in Russia?

8. What historical places and sights of interest, in your opinion, may he show to Steve in Nizhny Novgorod?

IV. Look through Alex and Steve's correspondence and note down
the following:

a) the way the letters begin: the salutation (вступительное обращение, или фраза приветствия);

b) the opening sentence (вводное, или первое предложение письма);

c) the way the letters are brought to a close : the concluding sentence (завершающая фраза письма);

d) the complementary close (заключительная формула вежливости).


V. Imagine you have a new e-pal (electronic pal, or pen-friend). Write your first email message to him/her. Include this information:

P your name, nationality and age

P where you live

P your studies

P your hobbies and interests

P your family and friend(s).

P your plans for the future


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