On Safari Holidays, we sometimes camp in an official campsite and sometimes we put up our tents in wild areas. Some campsites have very basic or no facilities, while at others hot showers and cold drinks are available. At the start or finish of tours, we usually have a night in a hotel. These are clean, comfortable and reasonably priced.


91. In a safari truck, passengers take it in turns to sit next to a window.

92. Safari trucks are able to travel over all types of roads.

93. Safari team leaders have a minimum of 12 months’ touring experience.

94. The second driver is as experienced as the team leader.

95. Each truck comes supplied with all the food needed for the trip.

96. Everyone is expected to help get meals ready.

97. What people pay for their food depends on how much they eat.

98. There is always enough clean drinking water.

99. Campers have plenty of space in their tents.

100. Hot showers are provided for campers wherever they stop for the night.



Here is a passage from the letter one student wrote to the school magazine. Write an ARTICLE for that magazine responding to this opinion, either supporting or challenging it. Write 230 - 260 words.

‘More and more schools are now demanding that their students should wear uniforms. I think it is completely wrong'.