Task 11


Read the text and decide if the statements below are correct or incorrect. Write ‘C’ for ‘correct’ and ‘I’ for ‘incorrect’ on your answer sheet.



If you want to get really close to the wildlife and scenery of Africa, then a Safari Holiday offers the most excitement and best value for money.

The Right Trucks for Africa

Each of our safari trucks is a safe, reliable vehicle which is suited to African travel conditions and allows you to fully enjoy the areas visited. Every seat is a window seat and the sides of the truck can be rolled up to provide a wide space for looking out. We use four-wheel-drive vehicles because roads can be rough or get washed away, and we don’t want to be prevented from visiting interesting areas.

The Safari Team

Three of our employees go on each safari trip, one of whom is the team leader. All safari team leaders are fully trained and have worked for at least a year on a wide variety of trips in Africa before they lead their first safari. The team leader is a driver, mechanic, guide, diplomat and general expert on Africa. He is helped by a second driver, usually a team leader in training. The third member of the team, the cook, is as important as the leader. He or she sees that all cooking and camp tasks are completed as smoothly as possible.

Good Food

Safari Holidays are famous for their open-fire cooking. We stop regularly to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and meat in local markets and we also have a good supply of things like tea, coffee, dried milk and tinned food in the truck. All the members of the tour lend a hand with the food preparation and washing-up, under the experienced eye of the team cook. At the beginning of each trip, everyone, including the safari team members, pays the same amount of money into the safari purse and this covers food expenses. All water carried on the truck is safe to drink and we make sure it never runs out.

Quality Camping Equipment

Each truck carries everything needed for the trip. This includes four-person tents, used for only two people, air beds, mosquito nets, camp chairs, a fire grill for campfire cooking and all necessary cooking equipment, a cool box for storing fresh food, binoculars, books on Africa and a first-aid kit.