For questions 54 63, read Nicoles letter to Steven and Stevens response. Fill in each gap with ONE suitable word.

Dear Steven,

Its 0my.. birthday 54.Saturday 3rd June. Im 55. a party in my garden. 56.. you come? want, bring a friend.

Love from,



Dear Nicole,

Thank you 58..the invitation. Im very sorry, 59I cannot come. I 60 already arranged to 61. away this weekend. Im visiting 62.. grandparents.

I hope you 63.. a good party.

See you soon,


Task 8

A. For questions 64 69, find 6 pairs of words with opposite meanings in the box below. Write the pairs on your answer sheet. You may write the word pairs in any order.

Example: careful careless

careful carelessattractive cheerful lazy trustworthy confident miserable foolish diligent shy ugly wise unreliable

B. For questions 70 75, find 6 pairs of words with similar meanings in the box below. Write the pairs on your answer sheet. You may write the word pairs in any order.

Example: clever intelligent

clever intelligent amusing anxious boring understanding dull funny honest patient slim thin truthful worried

Task 9

Read this text about dogs. For questions 76 83, choose the best answers to the questions below. Write your answers on your answer sheet.


For over 12,000 years, dogs have lived with people and helped us in our daily lives. In ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs built statues of dogs and thought they were like gods. Today there are about 400 types of dog of different sizes and shapes.

Dogs have the same five senses as people, but their sense of smell and hearing is much stronger. People train dogs to help and work for us. A dogs sense of smell is very helpful to the police. Dogs can find people, bombs and dangerous gases.

When a dog starts barking, its often because theyve heard something. A dogs sense of hearing is very good and they can hear things that humans cant.

Dogs can also help blind people and become their eyes. They can lead a blind person to the shops, onto buses, or just help them live a normal life.

For many people, dogs are just good company and make perfect family pets. They can be friendly animals, but are usually expensive to keep and you must have the time to take them for walks. if you look after your dog, it can be a really good friend!



Dogs have lived with people

A. For more than 12,000 years B. Since ancient Egyptian times C. For 400 years

In ancient Egypt people thought that dogs

  1. Were Pharaohs best friends B. were statues C. were like gods.

A dog's sense of smell

  1. Is the same as ours. B. is very good. C. better than their sense of hearing.

A dog might help the police to

  1. Find a thief. B. train other policemen. C. make a bomb.