English morphemic

English morphemic on short


The system of morphemes is used for these of that part of speech. English is not analytical language its morphemic is very short.

Examples: The paradigm of the English nouns, nouns: a boy - boys - boy’s – boys`

Common(zero morpheme) morpheme the morpheme the morpheme`

S `s


Some noun as we know retain (kept) the original plural forms, coming form Greek or Latin

Example: Datum –data, basis – bases, prisis – prisis, cactas – cactai, narssisus – narssisai

Replacive morphemes.

About allomorphs we find [s], [s], [z], [iz]

Replacive morphemes: mouse – mice, goose – gees, (oo - ee)

The form boys – boys` - homonymous

The verb morphemes: the paradigm of the verbs: in the Present, will include the third person singular with ending.

Allomorphs: [s], [z], [iz] the morphemes of the past tense: d, t ,ed

Adjective morphemes: two suffixes: degree of quality: nice – nicer, cold – colder

Suppletive form: good – bette – best


Special forms for indefinite pronouns: smb`s, nobody’s